Technology in Sports Equipment – Ed Brown

The wheels of bicycles have a large effect on airflow around the bike.  Racing bicycles have thinner tires to reduce the cross-sectional area of the front of the bicycle. Scientists have designed a solid wheel disk to replace the traditional wheel with spokes.  This advancement decreases the air resistance through the wheel and allows you to travel at faster speeds.  I chose this equipment because i was curious as to how a solid disk could allow you to travel faster.


It has always been a festival for baseball fans watching the World Series, as same for the year in 2014. This year, not only the game is exciting, but also FOX Sports brings a new way of broadcasting the game for fans, thus everybody will enjoy. By setting up new high-speed and high-resolution cameras, they can catch more details than ever before. At the same time, FOX Sports GO app is also released on app store, which provides another way for fans live-streaming the world series.


However, the competition may come from its competitors, such as other live-streaming companies, which may have more experience then FOX Sports. So it is important for the company to outrun the competition and get the lead.

Twitter begins its development in Sports broadcasting – Mingyang Li

While the Seattle Reign of the National Women’s Soccer League has started its preseason contest, it will be a great news for twitter users to use new Twitter’s periscope app to live-stream the game. this is a tool that lets twitter users to send video to their followers in real time. In this way, fans gain a new way of watching live-stream game by pulling out their phones.

The greatest concern comes from its competitors, which the real-time video apps have a great increasing over the recent years. Moreover, other apps, such as Snapchat, has also been developing the similar functions to let users send out live-stream videos during the game.

Promising future for Sports social media Francred- Mingyang Li

Fancred, as a sports social media network company, was founded in August 2012 and has been experiencing the world’s fastest growing sports social network. For the record, the company has already raised $3 million for the future expansion, and fans are looking forward to have a bigger consumption on this network and larger interaction with other people who have the same interest.

However, the app is only available on apple store, which means that all android users may not use this application. If the company wants to expand, they should let more people use the app.

NFL And Twitter’s Partnership Means More Video Content, Future Ventures — Letian Guo

The NFL and Twitter announced that they will enter into a two-year partnership, seeing the NFL provide Twitter with more content and most importantly a greater video presence on the social networking site. The financial details of this deal were not disclosed.

In the press release, the two organizations stated that the NFL video highlights will be available on Twitter from preseason up through the Super Bowl, in addition to “breaking news and analysis, best plays, custom game recaps, fun infographics, behind-the-scenes content, and relevant archival video.” The release also includes the more vague language of the NFL and Twitter working together on “new discovery features.”

This partnership comes at a crucial spot in Twitter’s financial timeline, seeing as its growth is slowing and its shares have gone down this past year. Twitter has never had a multi-year deal with a big media company, so this provides them with some stability. Twitter has heavily invested their energy recently into creating unique experiences in the sports world. They started with creating a custom timeline for the NBA Finals, and did similar with last weekend’s Barclay’s Premier League kickoff.

Unit 8: Chris Katsifis Tap.in2 Partners With Cavaliers To Allow Live Sports Fans To Order From Their Seats

Tap.in2 has eliminated the need for fans to leave their seats and interrupt their viewing of the game. The smartphone app acts as an ordering platform for food, drinks and merchandise for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA Playoffs and Finals. The fans enter their credit card information and get an email or text when their food arrives. It takes about 6 minutes to get the order. The app had 50,000 users in the 22 game playoff run. The Cavs are just the beginning for Tap.in2 as they seek to use this partnership to expand to other major leagues and teams. The ideas is supposed to make the customer more conformable but could also lead to more money being spent on concessions. In sports the breaks and halftimes are very important and Tap.in2 has the chance to make it even more profitable.