Take Your Seat in the FIFAWWC Global Stadium- Ainslie Rhoads

FIFA has been doing a lot of work in order to market the Women’s World Cup. They have had great success in past years, and neutrally they wanted to build upon that success. Almost every platform has been occupied, including Facebook, Twitter, FIFA.com, their Instagram, you name it. For this year’s World Cup, they brought back Global Stadium. “FIFA.com editors will be at each of the six venues across Canada for all 52 matches, reporting in five languages. Fans will be asked to select their tournament ‘Dream Team’, and have an exclusive chance to win a genuine match ball from a number of games.”  This creates incentives for fans to choose their favorite players for each match throughout the tournament.

They at also have a very strong Twitter campaign including hashtags like #liveyourgoals and #FIFAWWC which have been trending world wide over the last few weeks. They had so much success on social media in previous years that they knew this would be a success going forward.

“FIFA’s digital engagement last year highlighted the way in which the viewing experience around major sporting events, via the ‘second screen’, has changed forever,” Walter De Gregorio, FIFA’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs, said. “The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final set a then world record for the number of tweets per second. We want fans to join the global conversation again this summer, but we’ll be using the competition and our digital platforms to drive higher grassroots participation too.”

This goes to show that the second screen experience isn’t going anywhere and more incentives are to come. They want to praise users for following them on many different media outlets.

Brands Tap Into the Growing Fervor Around the U.S. Women’s World Cup Run – Ryan O’Hea

It has been a long standing problem in the United States that women’s sports do not receive as much attention or do not gain as much respect as male sports. This can be seen across the board from youth athletics, through high school and college scholarships and funding all the way to viewership on the professional level. Digital media and internet vehicles such as Twitter have been instrumental in increasing the awareness and fan avidity of women’s sports, especially during the World Cup. This article points out how major brands have shown support for the US Women’s National Soccer Team in order to market their products and build their brand. And although companies are doing this to better themselves, they are also showing support for women’s sports on the national level. This support allows for more and more people to be exposed to and support women’s sports. A male professional sports team such as the Seahawks has given the US Women’s National Team their vote of confidence thus giving their fan base the opportunity to do the same.


Telemundo and NBC Universo to Kick Off FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 Action on Saturday, June 6 – Katie Boudreau

With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, it has become commonplace for major sporting events to be live-streamed via applications alongside network coverage. While Fox Sports is providing live coverage through its television networks and live-streaming of the games through its app, NBC appears to have jumped on the opportunity to live-stream and air the World Cup in Spanish to American viewers via Telemundo, NBC Universo, NBCDeportes.com, and NBC Deportes en Vivo Extra. All of the U.S’s first round matches were broadcast on NBC Universo, while the final is being broadcast on Telemundo. All of the matches, however, are available for live-streaming via NBCDeportes.com and NBC Deperotes’ app, which is available for both Apple and Android users. In addition to the matches, NBC will also provide extensive coverage of the event ranging from pre and post game analysis to exclusive interviews.

It appears that NBC seized an opportunity to have access to the Women’s World Cup by acquiring the Spanish language broadcasting rights. By doing so, NBC can capitalize on an event by making it available to Spanish-speaking individuals in the U.S. Spanish is after the all the most spoken non-English language in America. Furthermore, NBC will be able to generate revenues from advertisers wishing to target its Spanish-speaking audience.


FIFA Women’s World Cup is a TV ratings bonanza and then some (Micah Sokolsky)

Television ratings for the 2015 Women’s World Cup have been off the charts in the United States.  But are the ratings higher than in previous years because of the accessibility fans have to the stations (FOX Networks) or from the rise in soccer’s popularity in our country?  The games can be seen on almost every device no matter where a person is.  This article has the viewing take place at a local gym where the author was watching the USA vs. Germany game on the television monitor on her treadmill, while weightlifters halted their exercising to view the game on the television monitors planted on the walls.  “An average audience of 8.4 million viewers saw Tuesday’s U.S. 2-0 triumph, peaking to 12.1 million by the time it was over. That’s the greatest audience for a men’s or women’s World Cup semifinal game in U.S. history. For a game with a 4 p.m. weeknight start, L.A. market’s 6.1 rating was actually better than the national average of 6.0.”  Granted, the US Men’s National Team only made the semi-finals in the 1930 World Cup (with probably little to no television coverage), the women’s team has stolen the show and the viewership will probably only be greater in this year’s World Cup Final.  In the 1999 final, there were almost 18 million viewers to watch the US win and 13.5 million to watch the US lose to Japan in 2011.  My guess is both of those numbers will be shattered due to the game being shown on a Sunday night, accessibility to FOX stations, and the rise in soccer’s popularity in the United States.

U.S. Women’s National Team Training with Polar Wearables – Emily Tome

This year during the Women’s World Cup, the United States team will be utilizing a new form of digital technology during training. The team’s strength and fitness coach, Dawn Scott has been giving all players the V800 GPS Sports Watch to track the girls’ heart rate, speed, and other physical needs while training for the big games. This technology is state of the art and is priced at $519.95. According to author, Alex Stanley, the use of this watch actually contributed to the success of the men’s team in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

After watching the interview with the CEO and President of the San Francisco 49ers and their input on technology, we heard them talk about how they hoped the NFL would start pushing the use of digital technology in order to improve safety for their players and teams. This connected to this article because the main purpose of using these high-tech watches is to assess a player’s physical capability during a strenuous workout in order to prevent injury and find the right pace for what the player’s potential is. This shows how far the simple technology of watches have come over the years and how much more they are being used for in sports aside from just telling somebody the time. All in all, this successful women’s US Soccer Team is making the most of the technology they have and using it to better their team and make them stronger long-term during this grueling stretch of time during the World Cup.


FOX Sports Go on Fire TV, but not Roku or Apple TV

The Fox Sports Go app which had been very popular during the USWNT team run can be streamed on Amazon Fire TV but not Roku or Apple TV. This is a big win for Amazon since the World Cup is only shown on Fox. The app also gives the user different views and allows the user to skip some commercials. The rise of viewing apps have greatly changed the way the sports world is viewed.


SiriusXM Announces Comprehensive Coverage of FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015–Letian Guo

SiriusXM will simulcast FOX Sports’ live play-by-play of every tournament match from the group stage through the final on July 5th in Vancouver.  All games featuring the U.S. Women’s National Team, as well as the championship match, will air on SiriusXM FC (channel 94), with other matches heard on additional SiriusXM play-by-play channels.

All games will be available to subscribers via their satellite radios and on the SiriusXM app.  A schedule with game times and channel listings is available at www.SiriusXM.com/soccerschedule.

In addition to live game broadcasts, SiriusXM FC will offer fans a place to talk about the games and the headline stories happening throughout the tournament.  The channel showcases a daily lineup of soccer-focused shows hosted by former players, coaches, executives and journalists.  SiriusXM FC’s roster of talent includes former U.S. Men’s National Team stars John Harkes and Tony Meola, former players/coaches Ray Hudson and Rodney Marsh, Tommy Smyth, Charlie Stillitano, Neil Barnett, Jason Davis and others.

“The Women’s World Cup is one of the biggest events on the sports calendar and we are very pleased to work with FOX Sports to provide our listeners with live play-by-play of every match,” said Steve Cohen, SiriusXM’s SVP of Sports Programming.  “With such a comprehensive schedule, coupled with the insight and analysis from our experts on SiriusXM FC, SiriusXM will be an excellent way for fans to follow the entire tournament from start to finish in their homes, in their cars, or on the go with the SiriusXM app.”