Next-gen sports and fitness devices to launch at Wearable Technology Show – Bennett Schiff

In just a few days, ExCel in London will be hosting the very first wearable technology show, with over a 100 companies there displaying some of the newest gear that will revolution athletics. For example, Glofaster will be launching gear that uses vibrations and lights to determine new analytics for cyclists to use. A company like Beast Technologies will also be there, and they will debuting their product, which helps give feedback on a person’s workout. This event is the first of its kind, and is sure to not be the last one.

PGA TOUR releases new iPad app -Matt Puzio

The PGA TOUR announced its release of its new iPad app, which has been developed in conjunction with Omnigo and POSSIBLE Mobile. This app takes the second-screen experience to an entirely new level for golf fans. The most notable features includes real-time predictive statistics. Stats are updated after each stroke and provide averages proximity to hole for approach shots, driving accuracy and distance, and the percentage of putts made from specific distances. Another key feature is the bird’s eye 18-hole view of the course. This allows users the ability to locate where players are on the course and which holes are most difficult according to the landscape. The inclusion of live streaming enables golf fans to never miss a shot. The PGA TOUR app sets the new standard for golf’s fan experience. The app enhances the digital environment, offering advanced metrics and novel ways to spectate matches.

3D Projections give Maple Leafs Magic on Ice (Michael Rock)

The Toronto Maple Leafs are the first NHL club to latch on to a growing trend in the sports world. They have used new LED and projector technology to broadcast a breathtaking visual display onto the ice surface. About five minutes before the puck is supposed to drop, the stadium goes dark, and the fans are treated to an elaborate display of graphics, animations, and highlights. The 3D surface technology has yet to be used in hockey elsewhere, but has been very popular in basketball. Teams such as the Sacramento Kings, Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks, and the Philadelphia Sixers have used the 3D displays during their home games. More NHL teams will look to utilize this new technology as NHL rinks are easier to visually manipulate than NBA courts, as the ice is close to white, and the surface is much larger.

The new light displays are all part of a technology charge by the Toronto Maple Leafs in their attempt to gain popularity during a time where their team has not been too successful. The team is able to use ultra contrast bulbs to create the illusion of depth or a drop-off below the playing surface. This has been a major success for professional clubs as they have received substantial media coverage, in addition to providing a new, refreshing pre-game presentation that entices fans and encourages them to show up earlier and


NBC Sports Team Embracing New Technology Preparing for Super Bowl (Michael Rock)

New technology has enabled television networks to provide a better broadcast than ever before. This year NBC is preparing for what could be the biggest Superbowl broadcast yet. Advances in technology now allow them to have instant access to incredibly clear replays, databases of statistics, and a wide variety of graphics. The multiple cameras allow the network to have full three hundred and sixty degree view of every play and player on the field. Also included in this article is insight from some of the legendary broadcasters from NBC who will be working on the upcoming Superbowl, on how the technology changes their job constantly.

Superbowl XLIX Uses Green Energy to Save Power (Michael Rock)

This article focuses on the new LED lighting that was installed to the University of Phoenix Stadium in preparation for the upcoming Superbowl. The new lighting is beneficial in all aspects as it is cheaper than the previous lighting, saves energy/the environment, and provides a better viewing experience for fans both at the stadium, as well as at home. LED lighting is becoming more and more popular throughout the sports world, as it allows stadiums to save significant money as well as tote themselves as a “green stadium”, however, many athletes are opposed to the lighting as it causes significantly more glare.

Superbowl 2015: The coolest tech involved in the NFL’s biggest game (Michael Rock)

This article takes a number of new and impressive pieces of technology and explains them to the reader. This years Superbowl will have a number of new pieces of technology, including a tracker placed in the shoulder pad of the players, this will track the players movement as well as record many statistics like their average speed, and distance traveled per play. This superbowl will also feature Microsoft technology on the sideline. This will give players and coaches the ability to look at replays and screenshots of previous plays in a quality that has never been offered before. Also included in the article are the stadium’s retractable field, the skycam, and an emphasis on the role of Social Media. This article attempted to use the new technology being offered or utilized at the Superbowl as a draw for fans to watch the game in the UK and elsewhere.