How Virtual Reality Will Soon Revolutionize Sports Viewing-Nicholas Breitenstine

Watching a sporting event through virtual reality isn’t as far away as many might think.  LiveLikeVR, a virtual reality company that focuses on sports, recently released a video that showed how virtual reality technology could change how we watch sports from home.  The new technology would offer many features that would make it seem like you were at the game.  With multiple viewpoints, virtual lounges so you can talk with friends, interacting in a virtual stadium, and being able to watch multiple games at once, the virtual reality technology is bringing a completely different aspect to consuming sports.  The major sports leagues would also benefit from this technology.  The technology would bring a more personalized sports experience, all of it from the comfort of someone’s home.  Another key aspect would be the ability to sell advertising space on a new platform.  New trends can quickly change when it comes to the sports world, but this virtual reality technology could be something that sticks for a long, long time.

Sports Stadium and the second screen Ishan Atit

Second screen at live games has become an integral part of watching sporting events live. It adds to the experience other than the live game infront of the fans.

Because of second screen capabilities the fans are able to watch replays from different angles, order food and even upgrade their tickets . This is very important because it is revolutionising the way the fans enjoyed the conventional sporting events. With this new era of technology it is necessary for teams to stay connected with the cloud during games.

Facebook fumbles the ball with real time Super Bowl updates, Users return to Twitter

By:Dalton Walker

In an attempt to get users to live-talk about the Super Bowl on Facebook, they debuted a play-by-play update and fan chat feature. However nearly an hour into the game, the live updates were either coming in late, or not at all. While Facebook had an interesting interface, the live-updates were not-so-live, which led to many fans to Twitter to live-tweet about the game instead.

Facebook claimed the delay during the first half was due to overwhelming traffic and activity, but to keep fans interested, they should have been prepared for such.


Cutting-edge technology moves sport into the digital age

By: Chris Hampton

The new technology that have been introduced into sports as of late have drastically changed the game and made it more attractive to the fans and increased their engagement with the sport. This is an important fact because the key to continuing to be successful is to make the fans happy and this new technology is definitely doing so. For example the new technology “Hawk Eye” allows not only the fans but the refs to easily track the ball in order to make the game go smoother and have the right calls be made. This leads to more fans being happy with the outcome of the games thus making them more likely to continue to be fans.


Virtual Reality and the NBA – Christopher Markowitz

  • The NBA is trying to incorporate virtually reality into the average fans experience. In the present day, the technology does not yet exist for this goal to be reach. There are very few VR devices capable of accomplishing this goal, and they are all far to expensive for the commercial consumer.


    The NBA actually began working with Samsung on virtually reality content last February. There were several problems with the tests, including the fact that the fans in the area where fake, digital characters who all made similar gestures.


    However, in October, the NBA, partnered with Turner Sports and NextVR, live streamed the Warriors and Pelicans game in virtual reality. It was the first ever NBA game to be streamed in VR.


    The biggest problem with VR is the fact that it isolates the fan. The user is alone in the experience because the communal feel associated with going to a basketball game is lost in a virtual reality where the user cannot communicate with anyone else. The NBA would ideally like to allow different people to communicate in the VR through avatars, but that type of technology is years away.

The NBA is ready for virtual reality. Virtual reality is not

Belgium Startup Keemotion Makes Streaming Basketball Games An Automated Process- Kyle Samelson

Belgium start up company Keemotion is out there on the grind of trying to perfect the art of streaming basketball games an automated process. The basis of their product is that  it automates the video and production of a live sporting event, thereby enabling the client to live stream to the internet. Then with the same video feed and simple tagging features, it allows coaching staffs to review and edit practices and games in real-time. The video stream can also be instantaneously shared to social media platforms with easy to use tagging features during the broadcast. The actual hardware of this company are the two cameras that are located on either side of the court and a third camera that captures the information on the scoreboard and beams it back into the amazon cloud. Keemotion overlays the images produced by the two cameras to make it look like a professional cameraman is actually filming the game.

New NHL website, apps debut with help from MLB – Dylan Hart

The National Hockey League just debuted their new website and app. This was all after an agreement reached last year with Major League Baseball Advanced Media. Some of the new features include a cheaper subscription package for fans to watch, and improved video quality now coming in at 60 frames per second. There are also going to be different camera angles that you can now watch the game from including a mixed feed of the main camera and also the cameras above the goals. This new technology is going to be great for the NHL and its fans.