Patrick Kane Sports Illustrated cover causes social media stir–Kate Edwards

After a huge Stanley Cup win, Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane is establishing himself as one of the best hockey players to hit the ice in recent years, and arguably of all time. Kane was contacted by Sports Illustrated, and offered the cover image of the magazine’s regional issue for the week of March 9th. Although this seems like a simple interaction, it has created a large buzz on social media, due to Kane’s recent sexual assault allegations. There were people tweeting excessively at the magazine, at Kane, and at the Blackhawks in attempt sot show their disapproval. Many people that disagreed with the article agreed that Kane’s story of coming back from a criminal allegation and refocusing his life on hockey should not be portrayed as a “redemption” story, painting Kane as the victim. The article could have had a much different focus, especially after the Stanley Cup and Kane’s recent success on the ice. The excerpt concerning Kane’s criminal charges in Buffalo has since been removed, but it seems as if the controversy could have been completely avoided with the absence of the mention to the charges.


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