Patrick Kane Sports Illustrated cover causes social media stir–Kate Edwards

After a huge Stanley Cup win, Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane is establishing himself as one of the best hockey players to hit the ice in recent years, and arguably of all time. Kane was contacted by Sports Illustrated, and offered the cover image of the magazine’s regional issue for the week of March 9th. Although this seems like a simple interaction, it has created a large buzz on social media, due to Kane’s recent sexual assault allegations. There were people tweeting excessively at the magazine, at Kane, and at the Blackhawks in attempt sot show their disapproval. Many people that disagreed with the article agreed that Kane’s story of coming back from a criminal allegation and refocusing his life on hockey should not be portrayed as a “redemption” story, painting Kane as the victim. The article could have had a much different focus, especially after the Stanley Cup and Kane’s recent success on the ice. The excerpt concerning Kane’s criminal charges in Buffalo has since been removed, but it seems as if the controversy could have been completely avoided with the absence of the mention to the charges.


Ted Leonsis Launching $10M Venture Fund – Chè Benjamin

Written by Robert J. Terry, this article talks about sports mogul Ted Leonsis who is starting a $10 million venture capital fund to invest in tech startups. According to the report, these tech startups have the potential to change the way people experience and watch professional sports. Leonsis made his announcement at Monumental Sports and Entertainment, which has become one of the most innovative virtual reality companies since their partnership with Strivr Labs Inc to build visually immersive team videos. The fund will debut next year.


Fox Sports recently just signed a 5 year contract with startup company NextVR to air sports in virtual reality which kicked off last month with the Daytona 500. NextVR is currently looking to partner with sports like the U.S. Open, Boxing, and others with the hope of virtual reality become a international sensation. Currently VR is mainly used on a mobile device that is hooked up to a pair of virtual reality glasses that cell phone providers like Samsung are currently producing and pushing.

“Obviously VR is at the top of everybody’s mind right now. Every brand in the world seems to like it and the exciting thing about the deal with FOX is that they’ve always been very aggressive and innovative. What this deal does is provides a partnership and platform for them with new technology. For us, if you look at all of the rights that FOX owns around live broadcasts, this provides a platform for an endless stream of content — that’s one of the things that has been missing in VR.” – NextVR Chairman Brad Allen

Comcast looks to expand X1 sports platform, acquires data startup OneTwoSee-Dante Sangiuliano

More sports fans nowadays are interacting with a laptop, phone, or tablet while watching the game on the big-screen. Comcast is now trying to have everything on their own platform. The cable company just bought a company called OneTwoSee and this company develops data thats focused on statistics, analytics, and more. The company will continue to develop the X1 sports app to make it a fan favorite.


Comcast looks to expand X1 sports platform, acquires data startup OneTwoSee

Goal-Line Technology To Be Used On Soccer’s Biggest Stages – Dylan Hart

UEFA has finally agreed to join the rest of the soccer world and use goal line technology. The upcoming Champions League Final and Europa League Final will now allow the referees to have access to the technology in order to make sure the big calls are made accurately. UEFA is as the article says , “The last domino to fall” as the Mens and Women’s World Cups have already started using the technology along with this years upcoming Euro Championships. Soccer has been one of the last sports to begin to embrace video technology so this is a big step for the sport.


Goal-Line Technology To Be Used On Soccer’s Biggest Stages

U.S. Soccer Unveiled New Crest Using Virtual Reality And Social Media-Anthony Bao

The US Soccer Federation unveiled its new crest. They did not unveil it in a standard way by hosting a press conference or use media outlet to spread the words. Instead, the crest was revealed on social media to show they’re adopting these innovations. The federation sent 10,000 packages to current and past national team players such as Tim Howard and Abby Wambach. In the package, there’s a US scarf and a Google Cardboard Virtual Reality glasses that allows them to experience virtual reality videos of US national team.

This is a great way to engage with fans on the social network, by making them the first people to know what’s going on with the team. By using VR videos, the team gave fans this opportunity to experience the cutting-edge technology right now.

U.S. Soccer Unveiled New Crest Using Virtual Reality And Social Media

Why New NHL Sports App is a Glimpse of the Future of TV-Chris Markowitz

With the fairly recent creation of Apple TV, and the popularity in streaming services such as Netflix, the TV space is beginning to change. Users are starting to want to view content on demand from apps rather than watching them on broadcast television.

While sports are behind TV shows in the streaming space, the NHL recently took a step to catch up. NHL.TV created and app that allows fans to watch live streams of their favorite.

The app allows you to view as many as 6 feeds at once, all in HD. It also gives you the choice of watching from the main camera or from the goalie camera.

MLB is also planning on releasing a similar app this spring.