Behind the Scenes at the 2014 World Cup

Behind the Scenes at the 2014 World Cup


For this week’s podcast, we have a special treat. ESPN coordinating producer Amy Rosenfeld granted us some time for an interview in the midst of preparations for the 2014 World Cup. Amy has played a major role in ESPN’s critically acclaimed coverage of international soccer and the 2010 World Cup in particular. She’s been one of the driving forces in transforming ESPN’s coverage of the sport from a foreign novelty to the revered, mature product it is today. In this podcast, listeners are granted insights into that transformation and a look ahead to the 2014 World Cup broadcast.

ESPN’s Front Row Used By Network to Hype Upcoming Broadcasts

ESPN’s Front Row Used By Network to Hype Upcoming Broadcasts has many uses, including promoting upcoming changes in the look and feel in of signature broadcasts. In this article, they talk about how they will use talent and camera angles to bring the fan even closer to the action.