Under Armour explains why it’s moving more of its ad budget away from TV: Krista Frank

Under Armours new campaign has embraced the value of the digital dollar and is reducing their TV spending by 20 percent. In the past it was a 70/30 split but research has been a determining factor in the change. The company is allocating a 50/50 split which is a significant and shows the power of the second screen. This change is based on the consumption of the 18- year- old aspiring next big athlete who consumes media on a smartphone or tablet.

Under Armours decision is based on the splintering of consumption. Consumers are consuming approximately 3000 messages daily across multi-media. “Whether you are 18 or 45, you’re seeing 3000 messages a day, across multiple media. It could be TV, but often it’s social and digital –consumers are just in a constant state of (media) consumption.”

Under Armours brand needs to show up during cultural moments like the Grammys or Oscars. Consumers are seeing brands 24/7 everywhere   and digital allows quicker communication within specific relevant content. Under Armour plans to be part of the growing digital sport world.




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