Sports Tech: Changing the Game – Chè Benjamin

Author Sarah Williams takes a brief look at the future and potential of various technologies that will affect the sport industry, both professional and amateur alike. The first piece of technology she mentions is receiver gloves. College athletes have more access to technology, and the gloves make it easier to grip balls so the NFL is considering whether or not to keep them. Along with gloves, specialized cleats are beginning to gain popularity. In today’s society, cleats are designed for artificial grass and indoor turf which has significantly reduced injuries and increased the longevity of the game. Williams also wrote about Instant Replay Systems and Sensors in relations to the sports industry. Games used to be judged by referees and umpires at a split second, but now most leagues have an instant replay system that allows called to be challenged. Despite elongating the duration of the game, players, fans, and referees unanimously approve. Sensors on football helmets, baseball bats, and compression shorts has been yielding better insights since their introduction to the sports world.

Although it is difficult to ascertain where the relationship between sports and technology is headed, it is pellucidly clear that technology is going to remain integrated. The question remaining is whether its impact will be positive or negative.




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