New York City FC Launches Chinese Website And Social Media Platform- Gustavo Almeida

New York FC is breaking barriers. It has made a strong effort to expand it’s following and spread the name of the recently created team by launching a Chinese website, being the first MLS franchise to accomplish this. NYFC made the point that there are over 1 million Chinese people visiting New York every year, so it makes sense to make a website devoted to them. People that have actually spent time in NY that could have watched a game, or liked the team colours of anything of that nature. Expanding the brand is never a bad idea and NYFC’s innovation will surely pay dividends in the future. Especially for a team like NYFC that plays in the MLS which isn’t one of the largest football leagues in the world, and doesn’t have the biggest names.

This article is relevant because teams nowadays have the ability to connect with people thousands of miles away very easily. Teams cannot be complacent because there are millions of potential fans out there that can be reached with the correct mindset and effort. NYFC is making sure they aren’t that ones being outsmarted and outdone by their competitors.

New York City FC Launches Chinese Website And Social Media Platform



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