Sport Embraces Second Screening ~ Heidi Gspurning

Fans who intended to watch the AFL Grand Final had the opportunity to be engaged with the event interactively as the Australian Football League developed a new second screen app. The app gives fans attending the AFL events across Melbourne the ability to access content; varying from videos to vouchers, and the initiative extends into an increasing trend of second screening in Australia. The app enables the AFL to connect with supporters with push messaging on the week of its most watched match by using location data. With the development of this app, the capability to manage all content slightly while at the same time updating content and information about the event as it occurs greatly improves the experience for fans. Fox Sports Australia also launched an app striving to engage second screening fans by providing on demand matches live score and exclusive features directed straight to a fans mobile device. The app even has the ability to notify users if their team is in a close match. There was a study done that showed 88% of 25-34 year olds in the country use another device simultaneously while watching TV, rising to 94% of those aged 18 to 24. With the information provided it is evident that second screening technology is a great way to get fans more engaged within sporting events and not have them looking at their phones for reasons other than to be informed about the event. It shows that the second screen is no longer just a trend but is now an essential aspect of media experiences. Not only do second screen apps function as another data point for marketers to gather background information about customers, but they are also ideal for increasing brand engagement as well as increasing advertising opportunities.


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