How Rugby Moved to the Forefront of Technology – Kyle Samelson

Technology and analysis are becoming integral parts of the rugby world now and are now being sued to analyze different and smaller variables of the game that weren’t traditionally analyzed like ‘how long did the fly-half hold onto the ball before release?’. The rise of the multi-screen viewing for fans is a sign that fans are going to want more content and detail than ever before and these new in depth analyses and information can provide that to the fan.This cutting-edge technology,from never seen before in-depth data and statistics through to virtual reality,is enabling coaches, players, and fans to analyse, improve, and enjoy the game more than ever before. Accenture’s team will process approximately 2 million rows of data for each and every match to help break the game down to every little detail for the hardcore fans to really be able to be immersed into the game.


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