ESPN Cuts Airtime of SportsCenter, Moving Towards a Greater Use of Digital Media-Christopher Markowitz

  • ESPN is re-evaluating its broadcast methods in an attempt to reach a younger group of fans.


    They are expected to have a $100 million budget cut for 2016, and a $250 million budget cut for 2017. In correlation with these budget cuts, ESPN plans to cut the airtime of SportsCenter in half, and they will discontinue the live afternoon show.


    The average customer is no longer interested in the 30 minute-hour segments on ESPN. Instead, people are turning to sites such as Bleacher Report and SB Nation to get there sports news. Instead of having to wait to see highlights/interviews on TV, fans can view up to the minute content on other sites.


    Then future of sports content is in engaging fans in as many ways as possible. Sites like SB Nation and Perform Media do a good job of creating content, such as memes or on the field storylines. This is drawing the eyeballs of fans away from ESPN and onto the pages of these websites.


    ESPN is slowly transitioning to the digital media space. However, ESPN is still by far the market leader in sports media, and it is moving in the right direction in order to stay ahead of everyone else.


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