Comcast Update X1 App with NASCAR Second Screen Experience, Just in Time for Daytona 500 – Justin Tartamella

While it isn’t my cup of tea, NASCAR is a widely beloved sport that many people tune into to watch the big races, one of those being the Daytona 500. With so many people watching, Comcast is releasing a new part of their X1 app for all of their NASCAR fans.

This update comes with a wealth of goodies for fans to enjoy as their favorite driver takes a lap around the track. It has interviews with all the racers for your convenience, recaps of the race as they happen if you aren’t able to see them on the first screen, and will have persistent standings in the race and will update with each position change.

This app isn’t only for the Daytona 500, Comcast plans to use this feature for many other races in the future and they even want to add to the feature with things like customization, giving you up to date interviews and news with the racers you set to continually be updated for you. This sounds like a great way to keep up with the race while it’s happening; hopefully the fans think the same.


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