Sports gambling apps target users as young as 13. Ishan Atit

People who check their phone every two minutes to see scores, stats and play by play replays for fantasy results will soon be able to gamble on their mobile device. Companies like DraftKings and FanDuel have been battling court regarding the legality of their companies.

Using the model called ‘freemium’ these apps can target users of the age 13 and above. The gaming industry research company has been infuriated with accessibility these apps have.

“Daily fantasy has ignited the torch paper on the discussion on sports betting, in the way that it underlined the potential demand” in the U.S., said James Kilsby, managing director of independent gaming industry research company” (Market Watch)

This is important to sports and sports media because sports has alot to do with gambling. Since the legality of these apps and services is in question it will be important to see what the court decides. It will make a huge impact on second screen gambling and sports.


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