LeBron James Ranks As NBA’s No. 1 Social Media Ambassador- Gustavo Almeida

LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world. That means he get more exposure than most at at the halfway point of the NBA season, he ranks as the number 1 Social Media Ambassador for the NBA. LeBron’s value from the start of the NBA season until close to the mid point of the season is approximately $15 million. This is across many platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. LeBron’s top platform is Instagram, where he has had over 340 million impressions totaling over $10 million in social value.

This is relevant because it shows that someone like LeBron takes advantage of the image and influence he has as a result of his fans in the Social Value field. Rather than being complacent LeBron makes sure he is representing his brands to the fullest. I’m sure part of it is a business plan he and his sponsors have mapped out, however it is still on LeBron to make sure that it comes out authentic and natural.



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