5 Sports Tech Ideas for Coaches and Athletes – Chè Benjamin

This article by Coy Wire discusses five possible concepts that could enhance the merging worlds of sports and technology. The first idea Wire introduces involves a super computer (like Watson) coaching football. A data analysis company called Splunk tested this theory in which their company’s computer became very good at guessing the opposing team’s next play. The second idea has to do with examining technique like tracking and analyzing an athlete’s movements while training and during games. Along with examining technique, Wire talks about the pre-existence of apps that examine the percentage of muscle fiber versus fat inside muscle. Delving deeper into those two apps could greatly improve the physical condition of athletes today. The fourth idea is about creating a more personal, real-time social experience for fans away from home. There are already apps out there as we have seen virtual reality headsets being present in the industry. The last idea involved the inclusion of disabled athletes. Companies have been working on prosthetic limbs so that they mirror the actions of physically abled athletes.



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