How Virtual Reality Will Soon Revolutionize Sports Viewing-Nicholas Breitenstine

Watching a sporting event through virtual reality isn’t as far away as many might think.  LiveLikeVR, a virtual reality company that focuses on sports, recently released a video that showed how virtual reality technology could change how we watch sports from home.  The new technology would offer many features that would make it seem like you were at the game.  With multiple viewpoints, virtual lounges so you can talk with friends, interacting in a virtual stadium, and being able to watch multiple games at once, the virtual reality technology is bringing a completely different aspect to consuming sports.  The major sports leagues would also benefit from this technology.  The technology would bring a more personalized sports experience, all of it from the comfort of someone’s home.  Another key aspect would be the ability to sell advertising space on a new platform.  New trends can quickly change when it comes to the sports world, but this virtual reality technology could be something that sticks for a long, long time.


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