Super Bowl wearables and other hot sports tech: Holo table, Reebok and more- Jordan Gilber

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos for winning the 2016 Super Bowl. Peyton Manning was far from great but his track record speaks for itself and he deserves this championship. So with all of that being said, sadly the NFL season is officially over. Now it’s time to look towards next season and beyond. This article points out the different technological advances we can see to enhance our NFL experience over the years. The first advancement the article points out is the interactive display. Microsoft is coming out with the HoloLens, which is virtual reality goggles. These goggles can enhance the way fans watch the game by actually seeing a hologram of the game right in front of your face. You can watch from different angles or even see the players coming right at you. Wearable technology is also advancing; a report from Gartner Inc. predicts about 274.6 wearable tech will be sold this year alone. Reebok is coming out with “Checklight” which is a skullcap that players wear that measures how hard you get hit. This can help with concussion testing. Another piece of tech that will be used for player’s safety is Under Armour’s HealthBox. It measures players health like hear, fat, and sleep information. One last thing that can be implemented in the future is real time tracking shoulder pads which lets fans and players know their every movement and statistics. With all of these new innovations, the NFL may be looking at a brighter future.


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