Facebook Launches New Second Screen Experience Feature – Justin Tartamella

The second screen, a phenomenon of watching entertainment and being fed information about what you’re watching from another device. This has been an idea that companies in the television broadcast industry have been messing around with for years and now, with the advancement in home computation devices such as tablets, it’s becoming more commonplace than ever.

Take for example Facebook, a platform online people have up to talk about the game at hand. They know people want to socialize about the topic so they are testing out a new feature called Sports Stadium. This new feature allows you to switch over your timeline to be completely centered on a specified game. There are four tabs that come up, one displaying play-by-play as it is happening, a tab for reading what “experts” are saying on the game, one for comments from friends and one for detailed stats for the game.

This gives people that are on Facebook during the game a place to truly enjoy the experience to its fullest without going to many different apps to get all the information that Sports Stadium is providing. Hopefully this helps streamline many people’s second screen experience.



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