Belgium Startup Keemotion Makes Streaming Basketball Games An Automated Process- Kyle Samelson

Belgium start up company Keemotion is out there on the grind of trying to perfect the art of streaming basketball games an automated process. The basis of their product is that  it automates the video and production of a live sporting event, thereby enabling the client to live stream to the internet. Then with the same video feed and simple tagging features, it allows coaching staffs to review and edit practices and games in real-time. The video stream can also be instantaneously shared to social media platforms with easy to use tagging features during the broadcast. The actual hardware of this company are the two cameras that are located on either side of the court and a third camera that captures the information on the scoreboard and beams it back into the amazon cloud. Keemotion overlays the images produced by the two cameras to make it look like a professional cameraman is actually filming the game.


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