Andre Drummond Practicing With Hi-Tech Shooting Sleeve To Fix Free Throw Form, By: Destiny Clements

As a trend, big men have had lot of trouble shooting free-throws in the NBA. There are a number of theories as to why this occurs. What is famously known as the Hack-a-Shaq tactic, fouling the worst shooter on the team, has now been used heavily on the Detroit Pistons’ Andre Drummond. The six-foot-eleven center has the worst free-throw shooting percentage in the NBA, right now coming in at 34.6 percent.

Drummond has begun practicing with SOLIDshot, a smart shooting sleeve that observes the shooter’s form. Multiple accelerometers and gyroscopes capture the motion of the shooting arm, and feed into a device that puts that data through algorithms to assess a player’s shooting. Players or coaches then receive the information in real time to any number of devices.

CEO Quinn Jacobson and CPO Cynthia Kuo founded SOLIDshot. The two established techies added former 1988 Kansas National Champion Scooter Barry to the team as Director of Buisness Development. Barry’s father is NBA great Rick Barry, who suggested the technology to Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy. Van Gundy is hoping to receive any feedback whatsoever that can help Drummond with his mechanics, and give the Pistons a break from the fouling tactics of other teams. Van Gundy will take anything he can get for a player that spent most of offseason working on his free-throw game, and shoots as many free-throws as possible at practice.

I choose this article because working at Dick’s Sporting Goods we got a Wilson basketball in the store to sell at the price of $199.99 with the features of Undetectable smart sensor tracks makes and misses, Sensor connects via Bluetooth to the Wilson® X app to record your progress, Simulate game-time situations including crowd noise, clock countdowns and horns, Battery power stays strong for over 100,000 shot attempts. I just find it really interesting that all these technologies these days to help improve the players game.

Andre Drummond Practicing With Hi-Tech Shooting Sleeve To Fix Free Throw Form


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