The Cameras That’ll Make the Super Bowl Way More Interesting This Year – Katie Burger

With all eyes on the Super Bowl this weekend, CBS Sports is coming up with new ways for fans to watch. While using 40 video cameras to broadcast the live game may sound extreme, this year CBS plans to use 70, 75% more cameras from the year before. However camera quantity isn’t the only thing being boosted; this year, CBS will be debuting Eye-Vision 360, a series of cameras with replay capabilities from 360 angles, in addition to mic’d pylon cameras and an updated sky-cam. These updates to camera and broadcast technology will improve the viewing experience for fans watching on TV, and on second screen devices. New camera locations, mics, 360º views, and a quicker, smoother sky-cam, will allow fans to experience football at Levi’s Stadium in ways they’ve never seen or heard before; using technology in sport to create and capture supplementary content.


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