Super Bowl to be available on digital media: Krista Frank

I selected this article because there has been so much in the news recently about the technological changes for the 2016 Super Bowl. This is particularly relevant because the Super Bowl takes place this Sunday.
The article discusses how fans will have the most variety of ways ever to view this Super Bowl.  They will have the option of using all kinds of hardware and software that offer digital extension alternatives to traditional television coverage. For example they can view the game through live-streaming, smart phones, X-box 1, Roku, etc. Many different options of connected-TV devices are now available.
As with other companies, the NFL feels the need to keep up with technological advances in order to keep their current customers happy and to expand their customer base to younger fans. The problem this article solves is how to keep up with modern customers and their preferences for on-line formats and mobile devices. The NFL and its advertisers are concerned that they are losing their younger fan base so they have to respond to the technological advances in order to reach the largest number of customers. This is vitally important to those companies because of the huge amounts of money they involve.



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