Road to 50 is the official app of Super Bowl 50-Christopher Markowitz

  • Back in September, the host committee for the Super Bowl launched the “Road to 50” app. Road to 50 is the official app for Super Bowl 50.

    The Road to 50 app has various Super Bowl-related features: event information, social media sharing, football trivia quizzes and custom Super Bowl and Sports Illustrated photo frames for users to take pictures with. The app also has an explore tab that allows users to find events that are happening in the San Francisco area in the months leading up to the Super Bowl. These events are not limited to NFL games/activities. The explore tab also has a map that allows users to see exactly where the events are occurring.

    Fans can also win prizes through the app by scoring high on quizzes and posting the events they go to in the area on social media. The grand prize for the competitions on the app is two tickets to Super Bowl 50. Whoever has the most cumulative points by the week leading up to the Super Bowl wins the tickets. In order to participate in the competition, users must download the Road to 50 app along with registering for a free Fan Mobile Pass. With the Fan Mobile Pass, users can check-in to games and be entered into giveaways at those games.

Super Bowl Host Committee Launches Impressive Road To 50 App For Start Of NFL Season


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