NFL Warns of Counterfeit Tickets for Super Bowl 50- Michael Capone

Counterfeit tickets are a problem at every Super Bowl, and are an issue at many different events.  NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said, “The NFL did not release this year’s ticket artwork until recently, so counterfeiters would not have enough time to copy the exact design. Plus, parts of the tickets are covered up in photos to hide security features.”

The Department of Homeland Security believes the problem is growing as scam artists get better at copying holograms and codes.

StubHub estimates that less than 1% of tickets are fake, but with an event as big as the Super Bowl tickets are super expensive so companies like StubHub need to take extra precautions.  About 90 percent of Super Bowl tickets are not sold through StubHub, which gives customers a guarantee.

You can check National Association of Ticket Buyers at Better Business Bureau at in order to research the sellers to find out how legitimate they are.
I chose this article because there are a lot more options for fans to buy tickets nowadays and I wonder how counterfeiting will get easier or harder for people to do.  It will be interesting to see what happens and how teams will prevent counterfeiting.

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