Facebook launches Sports Hub to improve second-screen experience ~ Heidi Gspurning


Within this article written by Emily Reynolds, she talks about how one that watches live events more specifically sporting events, may find it more of an unforgettable experience when the event is public. It has been noticed that live tweeting has become an essential part of many fans viewing methods. As a way for Facebook to become involved in all of the live-action, the company decided to launch Sports Stadium, which is known as a “dedicated place to experience sports in real-time.” Sports Stadium will consist of four tabs, one displaying play by play details of games, one showing comments from friends, one showing commentary from experts including commentators and players, and one that organizes detailed stats for the event. Users will have the ability to find Facebook Sports by searching for the game. As stated by product manager Steve Kafka, “This product makes connecting over sports more fun and engaging, and we’ll continue listening to feedback to make it even better…. it’s a second screen experience that we hope makes watching the broadcast even better.” In addition, insight company Nielsen revealed that it would be partnering with Facebook to provide social content ratings to measure conversation and sentiment around TV. Sports Stadium is available now on the iPhone in the US and hopes to expand to further countries sometime in the near future. As Facebook introduced Sports Hub it definitely made others aware of all the possibilities for different second screen capabilities and brings about the fact that new ideas will continue to surface in the future as a way to improve fans experience watching different sports broadcasts.



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