Super Bowl 50’s Technology By The Numbers- Gustavo Almeida

Super Bowl 50 is going to be special in a plethora of ways, when looking at the technological standpoint there is going to some unprecedented features and coverage that are going to make Super Bowl 50 the ultimate fan experience. There are a few technology related numbers to the Super Bowl that stand out above the rest. For example there will be 3 aerial Cameras during the game, 17 CBS on air announcers, 256 microphones used and 1.1 million communication points with the intercom system. There are many many more statistics that are crazy to believe. There hasn’t been a sporting event with this much coverage and technological aspects to it. This of course makes sense, Super Bowl 50 is a big one and the audience for the Super Bowl means that the extra effort has to be there. This article is relevant because this sets the standards for future Super Bowls and future broadcasting of major events.


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