Everbridge Delivers Super Bowl 50 Attendees and Bay Area Residents New Community Engagement Solution for Near Real-Time Updates and Safety Alerts~Heidi Gspurning

Everbridge is known as a global provider of SaaS, a software distribution model in which applications are presented by a seller or service provider and made available to customers over a network, usually through the Internet. On January 26, 2016 SaaS announced its Nixle Community Engagement and notification system that will be used to help assist in keeping San Francisco Bay Area residents as well as fans safe and up to date throughout the days before and during Super Bowl 50. “Nixle Community Engagement solution provides near real-time connectivity between local officials, fans and residents through the simplicity of text messaging and a single keyword”, stated by CEO of Everbridge, Jaime Ellertson. The City of Santa Clara Police Department, who will be operating the Joint Information Center for Super Bowl 50, will control Nixle to offer subscribers easy access to safety, weather, traffic and emergency alerts. The way, in which Nixle works is by texting the keyword SB50 to 888777 in order to obtain the most recent information and updates from the Joint Information Center during the event. Anyone including residents, visitors, Super Bowl fans and attendees all have the ability to use such a system. Current subscribers in the affected areas will continue to receive their regular local alerts from Nixle and has the opportunity to choose to opt-in to SB50 for Super Bowl explicit information. It is extremely important that Nixle Community Engagement has been brought about to generate a way to assist in building a stronger, safer and more engaged communities especially during such a large event like the Super Bowl.



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