How Tech Plans to Bump Up Its Game With Super Bowl 50-Nicholas Breitenstine

No matter the outcome, the NFL will get a big win during Super Bowl 50.  With the help of software company SAP, the NFL will be monitoring every Super Bowl 50 app user within the area like “a safety on a wide receiver.”  The league will mostly focus on things such as buying habits and movements, but will still receive an enormous amount of customer related data.  The data will be used in real time and the long term.  The whole idea is to learn more about the fan and what that particular fan likes.  If a fan buys a jersey from an app, the NFL can learn about that fan and pursue them in the future.  The fans will be getting something out of this as well.  “We’re trying to put the technology in the fans’ hands,” stated Aidan Lyons, the vice president of fan marketing at the NFL.  Those attending Super Bowl 50 and the events leading up to the game will get instant access to multiple replays, schedules, maps, info, in-stadium food and beverage services, and more.  It’s a win-win for both the fans and the NFL.  The fans get a great service to add to there Super Bowl 50 experience, and the NFL gets data to make the next experience even better.


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