Super Bowl 50 Host Committee and SAP Unveil Volunteer Team App – Kyle Samelson

SAP just released their newly created Superbowl Volunteers Mobile App in association with the Super Bowl Host Committee to help provide a more connective and and effective experience for the around 5,000 volunteers at the Super Bowl. SAP is a partner with the Super Bowl and helps them find ways to help run the event more smoothly. “The SB50 Host Committee Volunteers mobile app will be the go-to tool that ensures our volunteer team is connected, supported and engaged,” said Keith Bruce, CEO of the Host Committee. “Through our partnership with SAP, we are able to leverage technology that not only provides a powerful solution for our operations but also gives us unique insights to provide the best experience possible for our volunteers.” The apps duties include managing schedules, participate in virtual training, access maps, event information, and communication tools so volunteers can communicate with each other. I think this app is important because it shows how they aren’t just releasing apps for the customers game time experience but also for the employees who work these events.


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