Silicon Valley Is Commandeering San Francisco’s Super Bowl: Krista Frank

I selected this article because of the digital advances being implemented at Super Bowl 50 are beyond our wildest imagination. San Francisco is hosting the 50th Super Bowl, which will be played at Levi Stadium at Santa Clara. Although Santa Clara is 40 miles away the Super Bowl will cost San Francisco $5 million and the residence are very unhappy about the inconveniences their city will go through. The goal is to have the most technology advanced Super Bowl. There are many tech companies in the area and the enterprise software maker SAP worked to develop an app that would connect the “7000 Super Bowl volunteers”. Apple supplied laptops, phones and other technology equipment while Intuit created a platform connecting local small businesses with Super Bowl efforts. “Uber will be able to pick people up about 15 minutes away form the stadium using an app, which will direct riders to a lounge. The host committee raised more than $50 million from corporate sponsors”. The purpose of creating the most advanced technological support is to help make the fans have an extraordinary experience.



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