Google Broadens Real-Time Ad Product in Time for Super Bowl 50. Ishan Atit

For the past few months Google has been working on testing an AD product that works on a real time basis. Google will be expanding beta testing which will allow marketers to serve ads in real-time in response to relevant TV moments. These ads will feature on YouTube during the main event.

This kind of technology that provides marketers the ability to post ads on real time basis is the first of its kind and shows a great leap in promotions and ads on television.

Tara Walpert Levu who is the managing director said “what’s unique about these real-time ads is the ability to do immediate, dynamic insertion in both video and display inventory with meaningful reach among consumers. With several other big TV events on the horizon, including the Oscars, the Olympics and the U.S. presidential election, Ms. Walpert Levy said there are opportunities for marketers to insert themselves into events.”


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