Plethora of new apps coming just in time for Super Bowl 50 ~ Justin Tartamella

The Super Bowl is an event that will hit the city of San Francisco like a ton of bricks, with a multitude of free events for anyone in the area including a free Alicia Keys concert to all of the Super Bowl City events leading up to the game. For an organizer, it’s a logistical nightmare and the organizers are trying to enlist some of the local technological talent to help everything run as smooth as possible.

First is the creation of an app made by enterprise software maker SAP, with some help from the host committee, to help coordinate the about 7,000 volunteers. The app provides virtual training, and lets volunteers manage their shifts, among other things.

Intuit, another software developer, created a platform called Business Connect to connect local small businesses such as sign-makers, florists, and caterers, with Super Bowl preparation efforts. The platform gives priority to businesses in San Francisco owned by members of underrepresented groups to encourage business in the bay area instead of just bigger companies.

Even the bigger guys get to help out. Google made an app called “Road to 50” which helps those not familiar with the bay area. This app gives you information about Super Bowl week, events, schedules, and maps to let those who aren’t as familiar with San Francisco get as much as they can from the event.

I can go further and further with all the other pieces of technology being prepared for this event, with virtual reality games made by aforementioned SAP to two separate tech companies making sure people are getting to the big game at the right time. With all of this new stuff being showed off in San Francisco I wish I was there too.


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