San Jose to track hundreds of thousands of cellphones during Super Bowl 50- Gustavo Almeida

During Super Bowl 50 week, San Jose will track thousands of cell phones. They will be doing so in order to observe and study what tourists will be doing in the Bay Area, including hotels, restaurants and sightseeing. They will be signaling data to the San Jose Convention and Visitors bureau.

San Jose has been doing this for the past year and they claim the data does not reveal the users identity. Ben Roschke who works with San Jose said “We really want to see what destinations they’re liking, and what areas we can held focus on for future marketing efforts.”

This article brings up a ethical issue, because most people do not want to be tracked and used for further research and marketing, furthermore, they are not being told that they are being tracked by San Jose which adds another layer of controversy. I believe many people tracked would find this mysterious and would want to know more about this San Jose tracking team.

It is relevant because it can be used in the future to make the tourists experience in the Bay Area even better. Who knows, maybe down the road San Francisco will host another Super Bowl, and people might be glad San Jose did all this tracking.



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