Super Bowl plans to handle 30,000 Wi-Fi users at once—and sniff out “rogue devices”

Chris Hampton:

In this day and age, sporting events need WiFi to fulfill the “needs” of the consumers and to do so stadiums are making sure their WiFi is working properly and that no one is interfering with it. Especially at a venue such as the Super Bowl, which will be seeing thousands of people who will want to be on their phones and broadcast that they’re at the game, etc. The fact that there will be all these fans wanting to connect to a reliable network, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the network is working properly. One of the ways they are planning to do so this year at the Super Bowl is by checking for things and devices that would/could possibly interfere with the network, whether the person has intentions of doing so or not. The way they are checking is at the door just like they would check for people bringing in food, drinks, guns, bombs, etc. It is a pretty simple plan that can be relatively easily carried through, and it will have a very positive effect on the fan experience as a whole. Fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong though… like the lights going out.



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