Super Bowl 50 Tour – Kevin Flynn

For  those who cannot afford to buy tickets to Super Bowl 50 next month there is alternative, to being at the new Levi’s Stadium which would cost roughly $50. The Levi’s Stadium : “Super Bowl 50” tour, is a 90 minute tour from the depths of the stadiums to the locker rooms, the roof which the lauded solar and everything else it has to offer. The tour is said to be the next best thing to actually attending a Super Bowl itself.

Levi Stadium facilities include : Solar panels, that pump out 500,000 kilowatt hours of energy, which is enough to power every 49ers home game. Free Wi-Fi with approximately 12,000 access points. Buying food from stadium vendors remotely from your seat. The home locker room , equipped with an underwater treadmill and a personal barbershop that a fingerprint scanner grants access too. There are also over 700 pieces of football related pieces of artwork too.


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