In Mini Super Bowl Spot, Celebs ‘Defy Labels’ Krista Frank

I chose the article “In Mini Super Bowl Spot, Celebs ‘Defy Labels’” because I am interested in the advertising phenomenon associated with the Super Bowl. This article addresses some of the problems of advertising in our hi-tech world. The article discusses the advertising campaign of going against what viewers might naturally think of celebrities or of preconceived images. For example, Mini has not advertised during the Super Bowl for five years, so it is not associated with Super Bowl ad vehicles such as large trucks. It wants to “defy” its label, or image, by advertising this year in a new and intriguing way. To reinforce this point, the Mini ad includes celebrities who will also “defy” their images. For example, a celebrity whose fans might associate him with a faster, more powerful sports car is shown happily in the ad with a Mini. The aim of the ad is to expand Mini’s range of owners to include people who might not have the image of a Mini driver, by emphasizing contrasts with well-liked celebrities. The problem this article solves is how advertisers can stay current with interesting ads so that viewers stay tuned instead of muting them. With unusual twists and associations, Mini hopes viewers will also buy their products.


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