CBS rolls out next-gen technology for Super Bowl 50- Gustavo Almeida

CBS is this years broadcast television network for the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 50 is a special one, not only because it is the NFL’s 50th installment of the big game, but also because CBS’s is taking broadcasting the Super Bowl to a whole new level.

According to CBS news, CBS will introduce never-before seen features that include 5,000 cameras covering the event as well as a new replay system called “eyevision 360.” This replay system is one that consists of 36 cameras spread around Levis Stadium, these cameras have an ability to “freeze the moment” and revolve around of play. The pylon cam will also be used with technology and audio, to further the sounds of the game.

CBS is also interview President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama during the pre-game show. All these features included in this years broadcast is to make Super Bowl 50 a memorable one. CBS is also using NFL’s next gen stats in order to provide valuable data in real-time for fans. CBS can’t control what goes on in the field, however they can make sure that if the game isn’t unforgettable, that they can contribute to a fun and in-depth night for all viewers.

This article is relevant and important because it shows how in today’s 21st century media cycle and technologically revolved word being complacent and not innovative won’t cut it. These broadcast networks are showing how they have to go the extra mile to make sure their broadcasting will be a remarkable one. Once again setting the bar even higher for it’s competitors NBC and FOX.



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