The Super Bowl is always going to be a huge event that plenty of people are going to want to experience one way or another. From people in the stadium, sharing their experience on social media to the multitude of cameramen and reporters trying to show and report on the game as soon as it happens, everyone will need to connect to the internet and be able to communicate with the world outside the walls of the Stadium. Levi’s Stadium, being a brand new $1.3 billion football cathedral, was built to be able to handle the demand that will be put upon them as the big day draws nearer and nearer.

With Levi’s Stadium sporting 400 miles of data-carrying fiber and copper cable, 1,200 Wi-Fi access points, 2,400 TV Monitors, 600 security cameras, 370 point-of-sale terminals and 49 miles of beer-carrying pipes, the Stadium looks to be well equipped to handle the large demand of the biggest game of the season.

When asked for a comment on the matter, the 49ers information technology director Jim Bartholomew stated “We’re confident that we can handle anything that the fans and the added personnel in the stadium can throw at the infrastructure.” Hopefully for the fans that are lucky enough to get a ticket to the event aren’t let down.

For a deeper look into the matter, please follow the link below:


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