Super Bowl 50 Commercials Are Expected to Have a Lighter Tone- Sanjay Patel

This article is about how marketers want to change the view of the super bowl commercials. Last year the ads had more of a somber and heartbreaking tone for some of the commercials and this year they wanted to change that. For this year’s super bowls they don’t want to diminish hot button issues but at the same time get back to the good, cheery, heartfelt commercials that the public is used to. With the more negative ads they got a lot of backlash from the general public and that didn’t help them. This years ads will be a bit longer than we are used to hitting around the 60 second mark and also setting new records for the price of one commercial in a Super Bowl again, especially with Beyonce once again making an appearance at the halftime show it is guaranteed to attract a large audience for viewers. Advertisers also think that with all of the negativity happening all around us with a nationally watched televised event that focusing on the good and cheering people up is a good thing for society to not focus on all the hate that is going around.


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