Super Bowl 50 Commercials Are Expected to Have a Lighter Tone- Michael Capone

During Super Bowl XLIX Nationwide aired a commercial that featured a dead child.  There were people who didn’t enjoy this commercial and they criticized it.  There were also several other commercials that had serious tones to them and not humorous ones.  This season companies are going to go back to  more humorous commercials.

Super Bowl ads always seem to be a huge thing and some people will watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.  Companies need to remember that even if they win a best Super Bowl commercial poll that doesn’t mean that people will buy their product.  Last year, Budweiser’s puppy ad was a fan favorite, but sales for the beverage company dropped in the first half of 2015.

Companies need to gauge their audience and find the best way to get the consumers to buy their product.  One flashy Super Bowl ad isn’t always enough.


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