In 2013, LifeSafe technology was released on college campuses, providing users with the ability to report suspicious activity directly to security officials with the option of reporting anonymously. The reason this technology was created is due to the fact that CEO Carolyn Parent has constantly been seeing companies and universities increasing their security and reassuring “see something, say something.” Aside from using the app to report suspicious activity, universities are also using it to blast mass messages. Recently it had been reported that a USC student used the app when attacked by an Uber driver. When the student called for help through the app, it immediately contacted local police and campus security and as a result the driver was caught within 12 minutes. In regards to the upcoming 2016 Super Bowl, the San Francisco 49ers will monitor communication from the app on a dashboard located in their command center to protect Super Bowl attendees in February at Levi’s Stadium. It is important to ensure the safety of the people at such a large event where anything can happen at any time. Giving attendees the ability to contact security when even the smallest amount of suspicion is detected will definitely make them feel safer and be able to enjoy the game rather than worry about their safety.


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