Game On: The 2016 Marketing Land #HashtagBowl Is Coming Soon-Nik Breitenstine

Marketing Land, a website dedicated to all aspects of the digital marketing world, will be tracking social media visibility in Super Bowl commercials for the fifth year in a row.  The fifth annual #HashtagBowl will take a look at how marketers are taking advantage of the Super Bowl.  Marketing Land’s team of experts will take a look at all of the commercials, specifically looking at how brands use social media during them.  They will also focus on how fans are responding to those ads and hashtags.  Marketing Land will tally the amount of social media mentions with a real-time tracker.  #HashtagBowl has shown the rise of digital and social media in terms of exposure during Super Bowl commercials.  Pre and post-game analysis of the digital and social media mentions/usage will be available on the site, as well as live coverage and analysis.  Marketing Land encourages those following to join the conversation and tweet about the Super Bowl digital marketing execution.


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