Discoveries: Levi’s Stadium ‘Super Bowl’ tour is high-tech fun: Ishan Atit

The Super Bowl 50 tour is a 90 minute walk from the bowels of the stadium, where the locker rooms are built to the massive refrigerator that stores a cache of beer, to the roof, where an environmentally lauded solar terrace and native garden dwells, and everywhere in between.
These tours are taken when then the stadium is empty.
There have been several high tech advances in the new stadium with the Super Bowl 50 coming up.
Things such as the gridiron aka “grid-neutral,” meaning the solar panels pump out 500,000 kilowatt hours of energy, enough to power every 49ers home game.
They have installed free WiFi with 12,000 access points which means there will be enough high speed internet for every fan

Food can be bought from vendors at the stadium remotely from basically anywhere. This helps cut lines short and service faster to fans.


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