Anthony Bao-Will 49ers’ Stadium Uphold Its Techie Reputation During Super Bowl 50?

The new 49ers stadium Levi’s Stadium is going to host a Super Bowl 50 within a month. Levi’s stadium is undoubtedly the most advanced stadium in terms of technology. It includes 1200 WiFi access spots(one for every 100 seats), 2400 TV monitors, 600 security cameras and 49 miles of beer-carrying pipe. In order to protect NFL’s broadcasting rights, fans are prohibited to livestream the entire game using apps such as Meerkat and Periscope. The control room is filled with 43 employees that use $6 million worth of equipments to monitor the spectators.

It is really fascinating thinking of the progress of sports technology among the past 20 years, it used be difficult to broadcast games from more than 5 camera angles, now there are more than 2400 TV monitors installed in a single stadium. Sports franchises nowadays are doing everything they can to provide fans with the best experience.


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