New technology could speed up Super Bowl 50 security process: By Destiny Clements

New technology could make your time checking into Super Bowl 50 quicker, easier, and also safer. Like when you go into the airport the technology where you place your bag in a machine walk through a metal detector and grab your bag at the other end. This will be a lot easier and less congestion for all parties involved (security guards, patrons, and bystanders). No security guard wants to look into your bag and ruin your personal privacy, well this method will let the patrons and security guards a little more comfortable when going through security. The guards won’t have to go through your bags and you want have to worry about anyone looking in your bag invading your personal space. This will make the process of getting through security fast because the guards won’t have to check each bag and it is done in seconds. If this goes well during Super Bowl 50 they might end up putting these types of security machines everywhere such as amusement parks, monuments, and airports.



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