NFL And Twitter’s Partnership Means More Video Content, Future Ventures — Letian Guo

The NFL and Twitter announced that they will enter into a two-year partnership, seeing the NFL provide Twitter with more content and most importantly a greater video presence on the social networking site. The financial details of this deal were not disclosed.

In the press release, the two organizations stated that the NFL video highlights will be available on Twitter from preseason up through the Super Bowl, in addition to “breaking news and analysis, best plays, custom game recaps, fun infographics, behind-the-scenes content, and relevant archival video.” The release also includes the more vague language of the NFL and Twitter working together on “new discovery features.”

This partnership comes at a crucial spot in Twitter’s financial timeline, seeing as its growth is slowing and its shares have gone down this past year. Twitter has never had a multi-year deal with a big media company, so this provides them with some stability. Twitter has heavily invested their energy recently into creating unique experiences in the sports world. They started with creating a custom timeline for the NBA Finals, and did similar with last weekend’s Barclay’s Premier League kickoff.


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