MLBAM creates BAM Tech – Marcus Tatum

Last term (Spring), I took Sports Marketing/Promotions and we had the opportunity to hear from a couple of employees of the Phillies. As we were studying mobile applications, a question was asked about why all of the mobile applications of the 30 teams were all structured the same, just with different content specific to the team. They went on to answer that the MLB has what they call Major League Baseball Advanced Media, which is basically a sector of the MLB that controls the online branch of the MLB which includes mobile applications. They were exclusive to the MLB and took care of everything online content-wise. Updating this content and providing the content is not the responsibility of the individual organizations.

That all being said, MLBAM is creating BAM Tech, a sector that is not exclusive to baseball and will take care of any non-baseball ventures that pertains to the world of online content, streaming and over-the-top content. The MLB recently partnered with the NHL so along with the MLB, the NHL will benefit from this as well. The MLB owners, all 30, will be majority owners of BAM Tech. The NHL owners will hold a 7-10 percent minority stake in the company, because of the partnership. Though owned by the owners of MLB and the MLB, it will operate as its own accord and will grow from its already booming value of $8 billion.


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