VenueNext gets huge investment – John Grosh

I thought this article would be relevant since we have spent some of this week dealing with the in stadium experience. VenueNext is an app that allows fans to access the best features of the stadium. It was introduced last year with the 49ers at Levi’s stadium. The app that provides fans with instant access to every stadium the service offers is planning to expand and move into other stadiums in the future. Now that future is getting closer, recently VenueNext raised $9 Million in investments.

Causeway Media Partners, a three man investment group that specializes in sports was the primary contributor. The deal also includes participation from LiveNation Entertainment and Twitter. VenueNext is hoping their partnership with these already established media companies will help take the next step. The progress made at Levi’s Stadium is impressive and they are in talks to have a similar relationship with the Orlando Magic at their new Amway Center.

The App has allowed for the 49ers to reduce food and beverage prices as well as discovering ways for better inventory management. The sold over $1 million worth of food, beverage, merchandise and parking in San Francisco with the help of VenueNext. The app expanded their unique visitor database from 17,000 to 200,000 and hope to improve on those numbers by making everything accessible by the touch of a screen


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