ShotTracker Partners with National Association of Basketball Coaches – Tyler Monk

ShotTracker, a company that offers wearable technology which follows and maps a basketball player’s shot attempts has recently partnered with the National Association of Basketball Coaches.  The organization is comprised of men’s basketball coaches including board members Bill Self and John Calipari.  The partnership will allow the ShotTracker to become the “Official Wearable Technology” of the NABC, allowing it to develop and become more of a commonplace around college programs.  The company recently partnered with sharpshooter and NBA Champion Klay Thompson for a virtual basketball camp.  This device plans to help shooters improve during the offseason, and a recent survey showed that only 48% of coaches were satisfied with how much their players improved over the summer.

The ShotTracker app allows for the technology to be shown as statistics from a shooting session.  Two separate sensors wirelessly connect to a mobile device, which allows for users to analyze all shot attempt data recorded.  One sensor is a wearable wrist device and the other latches onto the net; these wearable devices will store information to track their progress.

The device will allow players to remain focused on their own time, while coaches will be able to hold them accountable.  The system is available on ShotTracker’s website for $149.99 and comparable devices like Hoop Tracker are similarly priced.  It will be interesting to see if the devices take the next step and can strike a deal with the NBA.


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