“Using Data to Tell the Story”: Interview with PGA’s Rick Anderson After the Launch of PGA Tour Live – Katie Boudreau

Just a couple of weeks after it was announced that the PGA Tour would be teaming up with MLBAM to bring fans an over-the-top streaming service, the PGA Tour officially launched PGA Tour Live at the Quicken Loans National. Not surprisingly, PGA Tour officials are excited about the streaming services’ potential. As of now Rick Anderson, Executive VP of Global Media for the PGA, says that he expects PGA Tour Live to catch on first with avid golf fans who want to go beyond the traditional Saturday/Sunday coverage. In addition to the standard broadcast and narration of play, PGA Tour Live also includes Shotlink, a real-time scoring service that also displays other statistical information about the event, and “an internal tool for players to review footage of shots and various other course behavior.” For example, Bubba Watson could use this tool within PGA Tour Live to see how other golfers are playing the course so he can refine his game for that day. This is exactly what he did at the RBC Classic while the service was still in its beta testing stage. Anderson also believes that PGA Tour Live has the potential to catch on with millennial who have become increasingly invested in daily fantasy services. As of now, however, Anderson is basing the new streaming services’ success on the excitement it generates from its subscribers and fans.



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