NFL to test more technology during some preseason games – Sami Hameid

How many times have you screamed at your television for the coach to challenge the call? The coach might be waiting for the coaches in a suite upstairs to look at the replay to determine whether the coach should challenge. By the time the coaches tell the head coach to challenge it might be too late. The NFL is testing new technology this season by giving tablets to all the NFL teams and referees. The coaches will be able to view replays and determine whether or not to challenge. They also can draw on the replay screen (not literally) with different colors to show players what went right/wrong in the play. According to the article, “Another change, Tran said, is a pen that allows coaches and players to diagram on the screen “ under any weather conditions” ( This will also help the referees because now they do not have to keep running under the “replay hood” and keep waiting for the right angle for a play to be shown. They can view whatever angle they would need from the tablet which would hopefully speed up the process of a challenge. I doubt this will reduce the amount of fans yelling at their television, but there is no doubt that any method to help the game is welcomed in my book!


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